New temporary logo

The site has now a new theme that I'm going to work to make it nicer. I like to use Divi theme from Elegant Themes. It is very versatile and can be transformed into any layout. I have used Divi for many years and it is almost the only theme I use.  It is fast-loading...

Now it’s official! My portfolio site is online

I've been planning for ages to have a portfolio site to show my artworks and other stuff that is going on. Currently I'm working and studying so my days are quite hectic. But still, I try to find time for my creative hobbies too. At this point, I'm not able to take...

On this site I will show you my creative works

Please notice that the site is still under construction and will be updated and modified on almost daily basis for now.

Also please notice not to copy any of my artworks or any content on this website. If you want to use my work, you are free to contact me.


Paphiopedilum orchid


Changing booths by the lake beach


Lhasa apso watercolour painting