New temporary logo

The site has now a new theme that I’m going to work to make it nicer. I like to use Divi theme from Elegant Themes. It is very versatile and can be transformed into any layout. I have used Divi for many years and it is almost the only theme I use.  It is fast-loading and easy to use.

With the new theme, I had to design a temporary logo too. So this was a one-minute logo. I promise I will design a better one with more time and dedication.

I like websites that are changing all the time and getting better and better. I also like illustrations on both websites and printmedia, so I am planning to have some illustrations in this site too.

Actually I don’t think this logo is all too bad. It does need some more attention and love, but it looks kind of nice on the mugs. This mockup picture is from Adobe, I downloaded it from Photoshop.

I might even order a mug with my temporary logo for work. In that way everyone would know who’s mug it is 😀